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Kyushu Agro-Innovation is a professional exhibition for agricultural business which has been held every year since 2008. The show aims to innovate the developing farming business in Japan through seminars and showcasing of latest technologies in both production and distribution sectors that are gathered from the world.

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June 16(Wed) – 17(Thu) , 2021 9:30-16:30
Marine Messe Fukuoka, Japan
Organized by
Japan Management Association
Early Bird due
December 11(Fri.), 2020
Final application deadline
March 5(Fri.), 2021

Kyushu is the typical agribusiness environment in Japan!!

Kyushu is the agricultural region.
Its agricultural production holds 20% nationwide share in Japan.

These top articles show high increase rate in household consumption.
40% of vegetables and 50% of fruits in Kyushu are delivered to Kanto and Kinki regions, so that Kyuhsu is the food base in Japan.

Reference: Kyushu Regional Agricultural Administration Office “Looking in ! and Learning ! Kyushu agriculture 2019”

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