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Japanese agriculture is facing drastic changes in its structure, being exposed to even further global competition through predicted Trans-Pacific Partnership in the near future. For Japanese farmers and trading company(food,farm machine,material,agrichemical)to survive in such circumstance, new equipment and technology for further mass production, for increasing yield ratio in processing and distribution, and for streamlining of supply chains are in focal demands.

Agro-Innovation Tokyo is a professional exhibition for agricultural business which has been held every year since 2008. The show aims to innovate the developing farming business in Japan through seminars and showcasing of latest technologies in both production and distribution sectors that are gathered from the world.

Wild Animal Management

Even though crops damaged by wild animals have been on a declining trend in recent years, amount of damaged vegetable is still at high level, reaching 15.8 billion yen in 2018, and serious impacts have been made on not only living environment but also ecosystem resulting in diminished motivation for farming, abandoned cultivation, and collision accident with vehicles.

On the other hand, reduction in people playing a role of catching animals as well as aggravated aging trend has become a great problem to cause rural areas to wane.

In addition to demands for development of capturing technology using ICT and drone as well as protection fence and camera, each region has embarked on such projects that utilize captured animals in various fields as the regional resources to facilitate regional promotion.

With gathered information regarding countermeasures for crops damaged by wild animals, capturing technology and utilization of captured wild game, opportunities for information exchange and business talk are provided in this Exhibition.

Weed Solution World

Wild animals and pest have been recognized as a large problem, “weeds” have been also taken up as a serious problem not only for farming and gardening but also various industries and living space as well.

As weeds take out of nutrients for plants and vegetables in the soil by its’ strong procreative power and survival ability and affect photovoltaic power generation by obscuring sunlight and safety of traffic infrastructure as well, countermeasures against weeds have drawn attention in various settings.

The Exhibition creates opportunities to seek for resolution of problems regarding weeds beyond the boundary of industries by gathering various products and technologies regarding mowing and weeding here that are helpful in various scenes.

Floral Innovartion

We try to provide opportunities to consider calling upon a great amount of expertise how to create new added values for flowers and ornamental plants by gathering various products and technologies in each distribution phase (seeds, production, distribution, retailing, and relevant materials) in the flower industry as well as to cope with problems (climate change, labor shortage in distribution section, aging and difficulty of finding successor, etc.) held by the whole industry in order to support “sustainable development” of flower industry in Japan.

We create opportunities to share a concept of “what is ideal future for us” rather than considering matters in the past and present.

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